Sociology 213:  Social Demography


This is the second semester of the two-semester graduate-level sequence in demography.


In this semester, we will focus on population growth and migration. 


Basic points:


1)  The schedule is online.  The online schedule is the official schedule, and it may change during the semester, so please refer to it prior to doing the reading for each class period.  You need an id and password to login to the online schedule; I will provide these the first day of class.  The public schedule on the web page does not require a login, but it is not updated regularly.


2)  Class format:  This class will be taught on a seminar format (computer labs are an exception, see below).  In general, I will not lecture.  Instead, each class period will consist of “structured discussion.”  I have prepared a list of questions covering the basic narrative of each class.  A link to these questions for each class is on the online schedule page.  Some of these questions are discussion questions, and some are simple factual questions.  I will call on students to answer these questions to make sure everyone is contributing and the keep the flow of the class going.  We will not necessarily discuss all of the questions in class, and we will deviate from this list as other questions are raised in class.


3) Reading and class preparation:  The reading assignment is around 100 pages per class period.  The reading is mandatory for each class.  Read efficiently and don’t get bogged down:  If you can answer the online discussion questions then you are doing fine.  Come to class prepared to answer the discussion questions…you don’t have to write down your answers, just think each question through in your mind.  As you read, write down any additional questions or points you would like to discuss in class.


4)  Computer labs:  We will have 5-6 computer labs during the course to familiarize you with demographic data relevant to the topics we are discussing.  No prior experience in data analysis is assumed.  The lab assignments are divided into three different levels depending upon you expertise in demographic data analysis. 



Requirements & grading:


1)  The basic requirement for this class is consistent attendance, class preparation, and participation in class discussion. 

2)  Lab assignments. 

3)  15-20 page final paper:  this paper must be related to one of the topics we discussed in class, and must be an original class paper (i.e., it may not be combined with a paper you are writing for another class).  It is due at the start of exam period. 

4)  Final exam:  The final exam will only be required for those who have missed more than one class (in which case the exam will consist of questions from the missed classes) or for those students who have not demonstrated a minimal level of participation and competence in class discussion.  See the registrar’s home page for the date of the final exam.

5)  Pop quizzes:  I reserve the right to give a 5-minute pop quiz at any time if I don’t think class preparation has been adequate.  (I don’t expect to have to do this).