Sociology 230: Social Stratification

University of North Carolina

course website:

Teacher: Ted Mouw

263 Hamilton Hall (962-5602)


Class time and Location:

T/TH 11:00-12:15



This course is an introductory graduate-level survey of social stratification, class, and inequality.  The topics have been selected to cover the broad range of research on inequality in sociology.  The theoretical perspective, however, is interdisciplinary, and a central concern of the course will be contrasting Weberian, functionalist, Marxist, and neo-classical Economic views of the causes of consequences of inequality. 


Format and Requirements:

Each class will consist of a brief lecture followed by class discussion.  The reading load reflects the amount of material necessary to cover in a semester, but will be approximately 100-125 pages per class period.


1) Class participation and discussions:

As in any seminar, the quality of the class depends on the quality of class discussion.  It is the instructor’s goal to make the classroom a comfortable and stimulating environment for discussion and dialogue.  I would like everyone to participate actively in discussion each class.  Anyone who feels uncomfortable or left out of discussion should talk to me directly; I am only satisfied with the discussions if all of you are.


2) Reading questions:

To prepare for class discussion on the readings, a list of reading questions will be posted on the web prior to each class.  As you do the reading, think about the questions.  Class lecture and discussion will begin with the expectation that you are ready to discuss these questions.


3) Pop quizzes:  Any reading question that has a *** before it is eligible as a pop quiz question, any time during that day’s class.  If I give a pop quiz, I just want a short answer demonstrating that you have read the material and thought about the question.


4)  Short essays.  Three short essays (3-4 pages) will be assigned during the semester.  The due dates will be classes #10, 18, and 25.  I will assign the essay topics.


4) Research Paper:

A research paper of 20 pages on social stratification is due 5/6.  This must be an original paper for this class.